News from the web – This Is Your Guide To Japanese Forest Bathing!

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This Is Your Guide To Japanese Forest Bathing!

This Is Your Guide To Japanese Forest Bathing!

This tradition of bathing in a forest dates all the way back to the Japanese from the 1980’s. The phenomenon of forest bathing does not mean literally taking a bath in the forest, it actually means to surround and immerse oneself into the beauty of the forest while allowing it to work its natural magic on your body. There are many reasons for this, so let’s have a look at them in detail.

It Is Where We Come from


Taking a deeper look at the evolution of humankind. It has been proven that humans spent about 99% of their time in the wilderness, surrounded by trees and plants in much older times. The present day situation is that 70% Americans live in urbanized colonies and lead a busy lifestyle which has led to a decrease in recreational activities related to forests. This is the time to focus more on working to include nature in our lives.

It Is a Stress Reliever


Many studies throughout the years have proven that being around nature is a sure fire way of getting rid of stress. It is known to lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, and even reduce the level of stress hormones produced by our bodies. Being surrounded by a natural habitat allows us to focus more on pleasure and empathy as those parts of the brain responsible are activated instead of the parts responsible for planning and problem solving. It’s a perfect way to shut down your system and relax for a while.

Nature Has Healing Powers


Due to the fact that most of the population lives in urban settlements, it is very common for one to feel disconnected from nature and not in touch with one’s inner self. Being around nature allows one to connect with nature and in turn, with one’s inner self. Forests are known to have a calming effect on the body and heal it from a great many ailments. Therefore, forest bathing is as an ideal way of tapping into the vast powers of nature and searching for a cure to your stress and anxiety problems. Do your lungs some good as well as the oxygen rich air is ideal for promoting health.

Unplug And Unwind


If you plan to take a trip to a nearby forest, or even a park, then make sure to leave all your electronics behind. Yes, that means your headphones too. This will enable you to use all of your five senses.

It Is A Source Of Inspiration


Forest bathing is the perfect way for feeling connected to nature and enhancing creativity. It is known that many great authors and artists got true inspiration from nature, even saving lives as discussed by Eve Ensler. Do not be fooled by artists and authors retreating into the woods as being just a vacation or holiday, this is where all their inspiration and ideas come from.



It is proven to increase attention and help you relax through meditation by opening your senses to nature. It allows you to grow through reflection and becoming more self-aware.

Trees Have Real Powers


Healing itself is a power that trees possess. Japanese researchers have reason to believe that the smell of trees has something to do with healing. Various evergreen trees emit an aroma that make the immune system better and allows for better breathing by opening the air passage.

Trees Can Teach


There is a whole lot of things to learn from trees since they have been around for much longer than humans have.

How to Forest Bathe


    1. Make sure to see the trees, and the tiny ones growing too. Check out the wildlife and small creatures hiding in them. Notice the various colors, shapes and sizes.
    2. Activate your hearing to listen to the sounds of nature, the rustling leaves, running water and the cry of animals.
    3. Make sure to feel the earth beneath your feet: the rough trunks of the trees and the soft petals of flowers.
    4. Smell the freshness in the air, go close to the flowers and don’t be afraid to take a sniff.
    5. Don’t forget to taste a pine needle or tea leaves, but make sure to classify it properly beforehand.